Soil Moisture Control Device to work with almost any controller.

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System for managing multiple zones with different sensors.

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The WaterSwitch works with existing valves or controller to improve irrigation efficiency based on plant demand. The module will prevent irrigation cycles by signaling the controller’s sensor circuit or interrupting the solenoid power, when the soil moisture status is wetter than the adjustable set point. The kit includes one moisture sensor and has nine moisture set points allow for a wide range of variations in plant and soil type. An indicator light flashes to indicate status.


  • WS-DC Works with any battery powered controllers equipped with a sensor circuit
  • WS-AC works with AC powered controllers with a sensor circuit or as a common interrupt of the valve wiring
  • Suspends irrigation cycles based on soil moisture status
  • Nine position switch for variations in plant demand and soil type
  • Requires no seasonal adjustments
WaterSwitch Specification Document
WaterSwitch AC version Installation and Operating Instructions
WaterSwitch DC version Installation and Operating Instructions

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Multiple Hydrozone System (MHS)

With large commercial landscapes, the variety of watering demands is often too diverse to be adequately judged by a single sensor location. For such applications, this control product provides the flexibility to independently control any number of valves- watering plants with similar watering demands ("Hydrozones")- separately. Up to eight independent moisture zones can be created per 24VAC controller, to control up to 48 station valves.

This product is available in two versions: a "wired" version with up to 8 sensors wired to the MHS unit, and a "wireless" version using 2.4GHz solar powered radio nodes to transmit soil moisture readings to the MHS unit.

Our Landscape Design Guide demonstrates how all the WATERMARK soil moisture control products can be specified when designing systems. Suggested detailed drawings are available for the professional designer on our download page.

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