Handheld Meter

Simple and rugged tool for manually taking readings from any number of WATERMARK sensors.

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900M Monitor

Eight channel data logger installed in the field to continuously record data for analysis of trends.

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Connectivity options for access to cloud stored data anytime, anywhere from a PC or Mobile Device.

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Compact, solar-powered, wireless mesh radio system for in-field measurement of soil moisture.

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Watermark Handheld Meter

Solid state, hand-held, alternating current resistance bridge meter for reading 200SS WATERMARK sensors. Adjustable for soil temperature variations. Touchpad operating panel with LCD display.

The WATERMARK Meter includes:

  • Durable case
  • 9 volt battery
  • Field replaceable cable assembly
  • Charts for plotting data

WATERMARK Meter Specification Document
WATERMARK Meter Instruction Manual


The WATERMARK Monitor is the standard wired version of our data logger, providing users with a reliable, simple, and effective means of collecting information. Individual sensor readings display on the Monitor and can be taken at any time manually, allowing you to make on the spot checks as necessary for scheduling purposes while periodic readings are being taken to record the performance history.

Record soil moisture, soil temperature, switch positions, and rain gauge counts for an accurate record of the performance of your irrigation schedule. IRROMETER switching pressure gauges are used as switch position sensors to indicate when the system pressure is on and off to display the irrigation events. Temperature compensation of the soil moisture reading is automatic by using one or more temperature sensors or programming a default value. The IRROMETER Model RSU (4-20mA transducer) can also be read (wiring adapters and auxiliary sensor power required).

Spring-loaded terminal strips are provided for sensor connections, which allow for easy installation and never need tightening. Data can be downloaded directly to a computer via USB, a handheld Data Shuttle (PN 900DS), or optionally sent to the web for access anytime, anywhere.


  • Automatically reads sensors at a selectable interval
  • 8 sensor capacity, can read:
    • WATERMARK Soil Moisture Sensors
    • Temperature Sensors
    • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges
    • 4-20 mA Current and 0-5 Voltage output IRROMETER Tensiometers (RSU-C and RSU-V with Adapter)
    • On/Off switch states
  • WaterGraph Software included (Windows only)
  • In-field display of current and recent readings
  • Download history to a computer
  • Outdoor mount
  • 9 Volt battery included
  • Complete with 8 sensors (1 Temperature & 7 WATERMARK)
  • Weatherproof enclosure with two strain relief fittings for wiring connections, predrilled mounting hole pattern
  • USB Connectivity

Stored readings are downloaded to a computer for display. Other display options are available. The software, included with the WATERMARK Monitor, is used to set up your individual site profile, launch the data-logger, download recorded history and graphically display the results. The data file created can also be opened by some spreadsheet or graphing programs, like Microsoft Excel®.

900M Specification Document
900M Installation and Operating Instructions
WATERMARK Sensor Datasheet

WaterGraph 3.4 Software for 900M Data Loggers

For further documentation, please click here

900DS Data Shuttle for collecting data from multiple Watermark Monitors without requiring a computer

IRROcloud Sensor Data Platform

Data access options for IRROMETER reading tools improve productivity by bringing important soil moisture information to you. Remote areas and multiple crop locations can be monitored from a central location. The remote access components are modular in design and can easily be added to an existing 900M installation or included with new equipment. Sensor data is automatically collected and stored in the cloud, available any time from anywhere.

  • -Mobile friendly design

  • -Quickly view device status with configurable status indications

  • -Gauge panel visualization for snapshot sensor readings

  • -Graphs for time series data

  • -Map utility with visual status indications

  • -Multiple cellular networks supported

  • -Supports both WATERMARK and IRROMETER sensors

  • -Temperature, irrigation on/off, and rain gauges also supported

IRROcloud Login Page

IRROmesh Wireless Mesh System

IRROmesh is a compact, solar-powered, wireless system for in-field measurement of soil moisture, temperature, and other parameters. Sensor data from each node is routed through an interactive mesh network back to a central point where it can be uploaded to the web and made accessible to anyone with an Internet enabled PC or smart device, or stored locally for collection. Each node is capable of reading three soil moisture sensors and a soil temperature sensor, along with inputs for recording irrigation events and rain gauge data.

Utilizing the proven and economical WATERMARK soil moisture sensors, IRROmesh allows growers to collect real-time data from sensors all over the farm/vineyard and instantly review it to make informed irrigation scheduling decisions. Each IRROmesh radio node automatically relays messages forward, enabling economical data collection over large areas.


  • No Batteries Required - Simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Self-Initializing - Nodes power up and associate themselves
  • Self-Routing - Nodes route communication for maximum efficiency
  • Self-Healing - Nodes will re-route in case of network obstructions
  • Web Based Data - Store and analyze data over the Internet
  • Data Logging - Data can be stored in the field and retrieved with a PC
  • Small Size - Easy field installation with small footprint

Data Path Options:

  • Cellular: Data from the IRROmesh network is immediately fed to a Cellular Gateway (975G) on site and uploaded to the Internet.
  • PC Link: Data from the IRROmesh network is immediately fed to a PC Link Node (975P) connected to a PC on-site. Software on the PC uploads to the Internet.
  • Manual: Data from the IRROmesh network is stored in a Logger Node (975L) on-site. Data is retrieved with a laptop via USB connection to the Logger Node.

975 Sales Brochure
975 IRROmesh Datasheet
WATERMARK Sensor Datasheet

975L Logger Downloader Software
975P PC Link Sensmitpath Software
SensMit Web Login

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