The Original Name in Soil Water Measurement

For nearly 70 years, IRROMETER tensiometers and WATERMARK soil moisture sensors have continued to be the preferred choice of growers, irrigation experts, and researchers alike. We provide proven, affordable, and reliable solutions for improved yields, increased profits, and conservation of resources.

Since 1951 IRROMETER has been a trusted source for the reliable measurement of soil water

Learn about soil water tension along with how to read and understand the information

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The IRROMETER Tensiometer and The WATERMARK Granular Matrix Sensor

Soil Solution Access Tubes are used to monitor and sample soil water quality

Data loggers will automatically record multiple sensor inputs for trend analysis

Online portal allows users to view real time measurements from their phone or PC

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Product Updates:


Our recently updated Web Portal gives users access to their data from anywhere, anytime. Updates include mapping features, quick view dashboard, and mobile enhancements.

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