The Original Name in Soil Water Measurement

For over 70 years, IRROMETER products have been the preferred choice of growers and researchers who require accurate field data to efficiently schedule irrigation. We provide proven, affordable, and reliable solutions for improved yields, increased profits, and conservation of resources.


The IRROMETER Tensiometer and The WATERMARK Granular Matrix Sensor


Data loggers will automatically record multiple sensor inputs for trend analysis


Soil Solution Access Tubes (SSAT) are used to monitor and sample soil water quality


Learn about soil water tension along with how to read and understand the information


Application and product overviews, quick-start guides, and instructional videos


Find a local dealer or sales representative in our global distribution network


IRROcloud Logo

Our new IRROcloud® platform is a simple, affordable, and reliable solution for automatically collecting sensor data and storing it in the cloud for instant access at any time.

Competitively priced, quickly installed, and featuring an easy to use web app, IRROcloud makes real-time field data accessible to growers of any size.

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WaterSwitch    IA Award

Our WaterSwitch has received a 2021 New Product Contest award by the Irrigation Association. The WaterSwitch works with your irrigation controller to improve irrigation efficiency based on plant demand.

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Our solutions are easy to use and provide actionable data for better decisions, backed by decades of research and real-world usage by successful growers. From a single instrument with a gauge, to cloud based data access, we offer solutions at every level for all sizes and types of growers.

70 Year Seal

About Us

The IRROMETER Company has been in business since 1951 manufacturing soil water measuring, controlling, and sampling instruments used worldwide for scheduling irrigation. Our IRROMETER tensiometers and WATERMARK soil water sensors are proven standards backed by decades of research and practical field experience. As the first company to produce commercially viable versions of this technology, we are the original name in soil water management and build that experience in to every product.

While we are proud of our past, we remain committed to continuous development of new technologies for soil water management. Our sensors can be found literally at the root of management solutions provided by both ourselves as well as many OEM partners around the globe.


Recent Articles

Universities, Extension Agencies, and irrigation experts generally have used our products in research for decades. Below are some recent examples of published information utilizing our solutions:

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